Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"here's your coffee, Beth!"

I got an email from Starbucks today. (It's still Monday in my mind.)

"That’s why, from tomorrow we’d love to call you by your name when you order your coffee. We’ll be sharing our names too, with our new name badges.

It’s part of our promise to make your coffee experience as perfect as it can be. From greeting you by name each visit, to making your coffee just the way you like it. You can find out more about our promise to you in store."

I happened to be in Starbucks today and the lady who was serving did ask my name. I hadn't read the email yet so I was rather nonplussed.

I'm not entirely sure what I think about that. If she really does remember next time I go in, I think I'll be a lil bit freaked out.

... having said that, there's a guy who used to work at that Starbucks who made me smile every time I went in. He used to work in Northumberland Street but last time I saw him he was in the Grainger Street shop. I kind of thought I should've known his name, because he always brightened up my day. Ah well.....


Jorgelina said...

There's a Starbucks near where I live and they ask your name everytime and then write it on your coffee cup. I always assumed it was a Starbucks thang and that they did it everywhere around the world.

B said...

Not in England till just now I guess! You're ahead of the times :D

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Intrusive use of my name drives me wild. It's like when complete strangers phone up to advertise and being by asking me how I am. I ask them why they want to know.

Val said...

You wouldn't really expect a busy city centre place to remember you next time. But it could backfire and you'd be offended if they forgot your name or regular order! I'm with you Lucy, on the 'how are you today' phone calls. It's a bit too informal for me.
My bank now welcome you to their online bank trying to be friendly with 'Hi' followed very formally with all of your first names and surname!