Sunday, 24 June 2012

I am on the verge of deleting almost all of my blogs. (I'll keep the photo blog, if I can sort out the domain name hosting.( Nothing has happened... I just want to wipe the slate clean. I am not good at decluttering. But I hardly blog any more. I don't feel the urge. There are so many other pressures on my time, and yet because the blogs are still here, I feel guilty about not updating.

If they aren't there, maybe I'll feel better?

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all fair warning.

If you want to keep in touch.... email me at burningthepast - at - gmail - dot - com - if you're on facebook give me a linky and I'll friend you if we've had contact in the past. 


Fawad Tariq said...

If you are still uncertain about this process then its probably a better idea to go down to your local mechanic or car body shop and offer one of the lads 20 pounds to fit the Number platesfor you. It should only take him half an hour and you will probably find that he will supply any new plastic caps or screws that may be required.

Shukmadeekash Gugel-Curry said...

We love your blog here at It's All Greek To Me in Whitley Bay.
When will there be more posts coming from you?